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Janella Martin

My name is Janella Martin from Aiea, Hawaii. Three years ago in 2007 my father Eugene Malalis was diagnosed with cancer in his liver then later found out he had cancer on his kidney. His oncolgist had informed him that the survival rate for cancer of the liver is two years, three years at the most. Since my dad was soon to turn 70 years old at the time of diagnosis, his doctors advised him that he would not be a good candidate for a transplant because of his age and would not guarantee results with chemotherapy and radiation. With that, they advised him to get his affairs in order since they did not anticipate him living longer than 3 years. 

My father was introduced to these wonderful machines in July 2009. He had treatment on the ERE for 30 min and the chi/hot house for 15 min twice a week. Everyone in the family noticed my father’s change in physical appearance and his outlook became so much more positive because he was feeling better. Just five months since starting treatments with the machines, he had an MRI done as well as a battery of blood tests earlier this month in January 2010 to monitor the cancer. He was happy to report that the results came out NO CANCER activity! We are elated that we no longer have to look forward to laying my father to rest later this year as he is far from withering away and dying. Instead we’re overjoyed to have him around for many years to come. He recently purchased the SOQI bed and will soon purchase the other machines to maintain his health.

With joy,
Janella Martin
Aiea, HI

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