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I enjoy taking the Go Green everyday and know it’s doing great things for my health. There is a muscle testing experiment that I’ve done with quite a few people now and it’s amazing how strong you can be in just a few minutes after taking the ‘Go Green’. Here are a couple testimonies that I got from Jeff… the guy in the videos on my home page and Health Machine video page.

Mother’s testimony – Son’s severe acne and eczema 90% better in just one day!

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to tell you about our experience with the product, “Go Green”.

I had been to see my myotherapist, Tom Benson, for a treatment and I mentioned that my girlfriend was really sick, the doctors thought some kind of lymphoma but weren’t sure yet. We both wanted some sort of green drink to purify our blood and Tom said he had something called “Go Green”. He did the muscle test that I see they show in the video on the HTE website and we both fell over before taking it. After we took it and he retested us, we both stayed strong and he couldn’t move us.

So, I took it home and suggested that my 17 year old son try it. My son has been plagued all his life with severe eczema. When he was young it was all over his legs, arms and face and we had been to dermatologists who of course, told us there was no cure but do this and that and take this medicine. When I would research the different salves, I found that many were cancer causing in rats (in high dosages) but I still wasn’t comfortable letting him use them. I did in fact let him use one that would bring temporary relief but never a cure and after the first tube I did not refill the prescription because I just had a gut feeling it wasn’t good for him.

At this time of his life, he also developed a severe case of acne. His entire face was loaded with all types of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, red angry cyst-looking zits, etc. You couldn’t see one area of his skin he was so inflamed. Usually what has happened in the past is that when spring would come, the acne would ease up and then the eczema would take over. We just couldn’t figure out why, but this year the acne stayed and the eczema came on with a vengeance. I literally had to bandage his arms when he went to school because of embarrassment and the fact that I didn’t want any of the school’s germs to infiltrate his oozing eczema.

Anyway, this time, my son, begged me to take him to a dermatologist and I felt so bad for him I was ready to do it and was in the process of researching a doctor that may use nature cures.

In the meantime, I had purchased the “Go Green” and asked him if he would like to try it and he agreed.

Are you ready for this? After the FIRST day, his face cleared and his eczema, which was red, bleeding, and oozing cleared by at least 90%. I was simply astounded, we all were. We couldn’t believe it was happening. It has now been one month since we first started taking it and his arms have two scabs left. His face still has some zits but now you can see his skin. He had to wear make-up because he was so embarrassed by his complexion but now he uses none. This stuff is like a miracle cure!

Unfortunately, we did not take any pictures because we had no idea that it would do anything (Not a thing has worked in the past) and it happened so fast we couldn’t believe it.

I have been in multi-level companies before and did not want any part of being in another one no matter how good the product. I have the Chi Machine and the E-Power and think they are swell but this Go Green product, I really believe I could sell. I still can’t believe it works, if fact we keep waiting for the eczema to back but it hasn’t, it only continues to improve.

Think what this would mean to many people who suffer with skin diseases. Eczema is ugly, painful, and itchy and it usually starts out when a person is young and they can’t help but itch, which only makes it worse.

I can’t say enough about it and my son is your biggest fan!

Catherine Hunt
Blaine, MN

P.S. Unknowingly, we did an experiment that you may also be interested in. He is a teenager and even though I harp on him to eat right, he doesn’t always follow my suggestions. About two days after starting the Go Green, he ate 13 Nutri Grain bars (Yes, he was a Pig!) because I had purchased them in bulk to get a good price. The eczema flamed up again and was very red. We had a talk about over-indulging and he agreed that he shouldn’t have and as I said before, it’s now just wonderful with no inflammation and no redness or oozing.

The Power of Go Green’s Ability to Balance Ph

A few years ago, I was reading about the negative effects that an “acidic” body can have on our system and decided to see what kinds of products might help me feel better. I “assumed” I was acidic, just by the way my health seemed to be declining which bothered me since I was only in my early 40’s. After doing some online research I purchased pH test strips along with pH drops and even some pH supplements – both claimed they would help “alkalize” my system. Long story short, in the end, neither one helped as promised and my pH continued to be firmly “stuck” between 4.5 – 5.0 (very, very acidic). Fast forward to a few months ago…I decided to try the Go Green product based on the natural and even organic ingredients that it had and called Jeff Kowalski. He did the “Go Green Test” on me which was pretty cool to begin with. I tested my pH level after only taking Go Green once and was surprised to see my pH levels actually change to near 5.5. After only taking Go Green for another 4-5 days I tested my pH level again and saw that it had alkalized even further to 6.0 – 6.25. Needless to say, I was quite pleased with my results from this great, all natural, product and excited about being on my way to better health!

Lisa Schmitz
Ramsey, MN

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