E-Power Testimonies

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Testimony from Jean W.

December 2012, I’ve been using several of the HTE machines but it’s the E-Power machine that has changed done wonderful things for my face and gums. After using the machine for just a month, people started to ‘complement’ my new makeup. They knew something was different about my face but it was not the makeup. The machines has given me a younger glow. I’ve always been pretty healthy but I noticed fine wrinkle lines disappearing.

Another major benefit was seen in my gums. Now in my 60’s, I was getting some receding gums. In face, I had a gum graft on the left side of my mouth last year before I started using the HTE machines. There was receding on the right side as well. But last month at my regular teeth cleaning, my Dentist said there was now absolutely no receding at all. The gums have grown back.

Wish I had known about the machines before getting that surgery last year! The Dentist also said my pockets are all 1’s and 2’s with one 3. He was expecting to see lots of 3’s and 4’s. My 93 year old mother uses these machines and her gums are also now looking fantastic. She told me her Dental assistant, who is very young, told her my mother’s gums are in better shape than her own gums.

Mom has also struggled with constipation for many years and the E-Power has made her very regular. She’s thrilled to have bowel movements every day without needing any kind of medication or help.

V. Wright – Michigan, USA E-Power Testimony

August 4, 2009, I tripped and fell on concrete breaking the joint of my left tibia (shin bone below the knee) and severely injuring all muscles and tendons of that knee. The MRI showed a “V” wedge in the tibia like you would see if you were chopping wood with an axe. Luckily, I am not a heavy person so the bone didn’t split all the way down. This was probably the most intense pain I have experienced between the knee injury and bone breaking.

I iced the injured area 2-3 days fully expecting to eventually require pain medication, be operated on with a metal plate and screws and casted, physical therapy, etc. However, because of my age (66) and osteopenia, my Orthopedist asked if I was interested in avoiding surgery and casting, if possible, which I immediately responded “YES!”

About 3-4 days after the fall, my nurse friend loaned me an E-Power. I cannot begin to tell you how much the E-Power helped relieve the discomfort and pain in that leg, even the very first time at low power for the recommended 30 minutes. Later that month, I bought my own E-Power and have used it nearly daily for 60 minutes at high power now. I have skipped VERY few days using it because it helps so much.

What was truly amazing is even the first x-ray September 3, slightly less than a month from the fall, showed new bone had filled in the “v” wedge.
I also enjoyed greater comfort from my Far Infrared Dome which I also highly recommend. Now that 3 months have passed, I have started back on the Chi Machine in moderation along with the Dome at the same time. I am close to being recovered thanks in large part to these technologies.

I strongly encourage everyone to make this investment in themselves. I believe with the 14-day free trial most if not everyone will see significant benefit in energy and well-being, unlike any other technology in the same price range and much higher. While I wouldn’t want to part with any of my other equipment that has all been wonderful too, the E-Power is a Godsend and would be my #1 first