Healing From The Inside Out

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By Dr. Jan Kirschner
HTE Science Advisory Board Member

As we move into the new millennium, we see all around us the evidence of a shift in peoples’ awareness about health. In the Western culture of the 20th century, most of the focus was on the elimination of disease through various heroic measures, such as drugs and surgery. But time has shown that there are severe limitations to this approach to health care, or what might be more accurately termed “sickness and disease care”. It has become painfully obvious as chronic diseases continue to run rampant in our society, as obesity reaches new heights, and as our children keep getting less and less healthy statistically, that a change is necessary. That change comes about when we realize that health ultimately does not come from a pill or a procedure, but truly comes from within us, as we enliven our own remarkable healing capacity and energy, which, from the Eastern perspective, we can identify as “chi”. At HTE USA, we are blessed to be associated with medical devices and other products that help activate the best physiological responses that the body is capable of mustering through stimulating this inner intelligence – and Healing From The Inside Out!

One of the wonderful benefits of The Chi MachineĀ® is that it allows the body to work effortlessly with its own natural frequencies. The 144 cycles per minute (oscillations), is both a multiple of the average pulse rate (72) and the cerebrospinal pump rhythm (12). Each person’s body is influenced by the sum total of all the physical, emotional, mental and chemical forces that it is exposed to, and its ability to respond effectively to those forces. As a result, each person will also respond differently to the normalization of fluid functions in his/her body. If we pin our hopes on any one thing to take away our discomfort, we will be disappointed more often than not. What is most important is not that a specific symptom or condition reduces or disappears, but that the effects are produced to help the body perform to its full potential. Ultimately, this is the way the body moves toward better health.

The trends are clear: More and more people are less and less satisfied with the state of their health. They are searching for things that will help them maximize their quality of life. HTE USA is on the cutting edge of the most powerful shift in health care attitudes in the last 100 years. Is it too much to ask to wish for there to be a Chi MachineĀ® in every home in the USA and Canada? Not only should we wish for it, but we should expect it, and create it! Until next month, yours in health and wealth!