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The SOQI Bed is a combination of Solar Energy from three Far Infrared Hothouses, Motion Energy from one Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, and Sound Energy from a comfortable bed with a built in CD player for relaxing healing music.

The Far Infrared Hothouses will help with heavy metal detoxification, increase circulation and help cells regenerate. Most people notice positive results in one hour or less with pain, swelling, inflammation, allergies, asthma, arthritis, sinus conditions, skin conditions and even infections.

The National Cancer Institute says Hyperthermia (heat) can increase the effect of chemotherapy treatments. By itself, it can also kill cancer cells. I have heard of very positive results with cancer patients.

I use this, or the e-power machine, at night before going to bed and it really helps you sleep deeply. I guess you could say it’s excellent for people with insomnia, too.