E-Power Testimony From Martha

I was so delighted to see Martha’s fast results with the E-power Machine. She’s been using the machine for a few months and I asked her if she would like to record the outstanding benefits she and her family has been experienced. Martha is a dear friend and I’m so glad this machine has helped them in profound ways!

Martha came to our home in severe pain. I was so pleased to see her pain truly dissipate in 15 to 20 minutes. She told me she now uses the E-power Machine for 2 to 3 hours a day. Sometimes she even sleeps with it on. If needs to be on low when used for several hours at a time.

I knew the E-power Machine had helped her with the horrible pain, but I didn’t know the miraculous stories of her son and husband. In the video above she shares how this machine has impacted her family in a healing way. ¬†She told me that both her son and her husband had their own E-power testimony.

What I noticed when I first started using this machine is that it tightens your skin and gives you a healthy looking glow. For me, it also helped to tighten my gums, which had been receding. In another video, Cheryl shared how she went from severe osteoporosis to not a a trace of osteoporosis after faithfully using the E-power machine for 2 years. That article is here – Dogs Cured Of Cancer

If you don’t know what it is, osteoporosis is when you bones weaken and people with this disease are susceptible to breaking their bones with a fall. It’s very exciting to see that using an E-power machine can not only help with pain, as in Martha’s testimonies, but can actually helps combat this bone disease.

God has given us amazing bodies that can just heal themselves when given the tools to do it.

PS. Martha also send me this testimony from her daughter. Another family member that loves this machine!

Keilani Testimony for Epower from jeanw123 on Vimeo.